First feature of the next version of PowerShell had been leaked

Although the next version of PowerShell hasn’t been announced yet, a first feature leaked out of Redmond a couple of days ago. If the rumors are true, one of the real spectacular features of the next version will be a Multi Core-Pipe Operator. PowerShell users are used to the | operator for years. But in the not so far future real power hungry PowerShell users  can  use a || operator if a query should use two cores and a |||| operator if the query should use all 4 cores (an internal top secret white paper circulating since April 1st suggests a IV operator instead since it’s easier to type). So to stop all running FireBox browsers on any server on the Internet would require a simple

Get-Process -FromInternet -Name Firefox.exe |||| Stop-Process -WhatIf

Since not even Microsoft can predict how many cores a CPU will have in the future and to protect the investments of their loyal customers throughout the world a |∞ operator will use all available cores even if the number is infinite.

Microsoft declined to comment the rumors about the new version and said that since to ship is to choose they can’t promise if the new operators will become part of the next version or if they will be part of “PowerShell X” – a version that probably won’t ship in this century.

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